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Anyone know anything about an Elkhorn Mountain volcano 72 mya?

On the Discovery Channel Series, Dinosaur Planet, one of the four episodes
focuses on the eruption of a supervolcano in the Elkhorn or Elk Horn
Mountains.    Research in Google yields the information that they are
located in Utah, Colorado, or Idaho (they apparently move around),. and
little else.    Half of the seven sites that even mention a caldera volcano
there are Creationist.   The other sites appear uncertain there was ever a
supervolcano there.

The Dinosaur Planet episode also mentions a field of charred remains of a
forest and dinosaur bones in Montana, and state that the ash field from the
volcano extended all the way to the inland sea - where ever that was - and
that this volcano was one of the largest ever.

Googling the field of charred trees and dinosaur remains turned up the
information that Montana is covered with petrified forests and assorted
remains from all time periods.

Does anyone have any more information on either the alleged Elkhorn Volcano
or the burnt forest?
Dora Smith
Austin, Texas