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Re: on being a paleontologist

<<One question I have wondered about recently about being a paleontologist
is doesn't it get depressing after awhile?>>

I'm an amateur rather than a paleontologist, Ian.  Nevertheless, it doesn't
get in the least depressing.  My main interest is Mesozoic mammals and
relatives, so it's rather like looking into my family tree.  This happens to
be full of surprises.

I've known several people who have worked as undertakers, (a UKism for the
burial industry).  They were generally genial and had a relatively high
level of job satisfaction, (although they didn't tend to talk shop).  What
they did helped other people a great deal.  Their professionalism was much

(I also knew somebody who was an assistant in a morgue.  He was somewhat
depressed and very partial to Scotch and cigars.  Every now and then his
'clients' were kids.  That's when he needed more Scotch and cigars.)

Mesozoic Mammals etc
The Mesozoic - more than just the dinosaur.