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Re: dung beetles

Yes, Dr. Karen Chin has found putative dung beetle tunnels in blocky _Maiasaura_ coprolites in the Two Medicine Formation. The larger coprolites measured approximately 24cm x 33cm x 34cm (9.5" x 13" x 13.5"). The coprolites contained conifer stem fragments. The backfilled tunnel diameters varied, indicating that several species of dung beetle fed upon _Maiasaura_ droppings (as it is only full grown dung beetles that excavate dung to provision their offspring). The tunnels, with diameters of 1cm to 3.2cm (.4" to 1.25"), indicate that these Mesozoic dung beetles were in the same size range as contemporary dung beetles.

Chin, K., and Gill, B. D. (1996). Dinosaurs, dung beetles, and conifers: Participants in a Cretaceous food web. _Palaios_ vol 11, pages 280-285, 1996.

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