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RE: Another query: Baryonyx a facultative quadruped?

The mount of Baryonyx in the NHM London has a bipedal pose.

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Subject: Re: Another query: Baryonyx a facultative quadruped?

> The issue of quadrupedalism in _Baryonyx_ has, by and large, died a 
> natural
> death.  There is no compelling evidence that spinosaurids were anything
> other than terrestrial bipeds.  Ditto for other large terrestrial 
> theropods
> that have been regarded by some researchers as possible quadrupeds (e.g.,
> _Xuanhanosaurus_).

Besides, both spinosaurids and *Xuanhanosaurus* don't have such long arms at

all, and there's no evidence they were able to twist their forearms -- which

means that they'd have had to walk like an anteater.