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Dinosaur fossils destroyed in WW2 - was it just Spinosaurus typo?

Good day,
have another paleontology-history related query. In both Axis and Allies 
bombing campaigns during WW2, there were (beside sad thousands of human 
victims) also "fossil casualties". The most famous destroyed dinosaur fossil is 
unfortunately the most complete Spinosaurus specimen ever found (München, 
1944). I also found a notice of G. A. Mantell's spinal cord, destroyed by 
german bombers in 1940 (?). Well, Mantell wasn't a dinosaur, not even a fossil, 
but his relation to dinosaurs couldn't have been any stronger. My question is: 
Did anyone make a list of all destroyed fossils of some kind? Would be 
interesting to read. Thanx, in advance Vlad "Aelius Decimus" Socha