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RE: Feather armor

There is a book by BM Gilbert "Avian Osteology" which has some nice pictures
of native Americans with elaborate feather decorations. I don't know if
these decorations were also used in war, but it might be helpful to you.
Best, Hanneke

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Subject: Feather armor

I am looking for a reference on the use of bird feathers as armor by 
human warriors. I dimly remember having read about this in context with 
Japanese samurai and also with Aztecs.

I would like to use this as an example in a lecture, so I want to be sure 
I don't tell some urban myth to the students.

If anybody could provide me with information (references, links, whatever) 
I'd be grateful.

And, of course birds are dinosaurs, so this is extremely relevant to this 
list ;-)



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