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Re: Theropod stance balance

Don Henderson did some work on this, which is
mentioned here (It's mmostly about WWD)



--- Manuel Parrado <meparrado@yahoo.com> wrote:
> Greetings all.
> I have grown curious lately of how theropods like
> tyrannosauroids managed to stay on their feet
> without
> toppling forward.
> By looking at some skeletal reconstructions and
> other
> illustrations, it looks like tyrannosuarus, for
> instance, is very front heavy considering the vert
> large head and how far it is from the hips.  In some
> other big theropods like allosuarus, the tail looks
> very long in comparison and the head smaller so it
> looks better balanced to hold the axial skeleton in
> a
> horizontal position.
> Can anybody comment and/or point to some articles
> covering body balance in tyrannosaurs?
> Manuel Parrado
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