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Re: Paired Eggs in a Dinosaur Indicate Biological Sex

Dino Guy Ralph (ralph.miller@alumni.usc.edu) wrote:

<Let's not forget the paired eggs found within _Sinosauropteryx_.>

  I think the "eggs" found therein are two small and too far forward to
effectively determine this. The shapes and sizes are alarminly small compared
to the sizes seen in other eggs compared to their respective layers. Similarly
sized maniraptorans like the aforementioned troodontids and oviraptorids have
eggs relatively MUCH larger compared to the masses found in *Sinosauropteryx*,
so this would likely need to await corroboration. The position of the masses,
if eggs, may be indicative of an intestinal position as well as any oviduct
position. Similarly, development of a shell occurs further towards the cloaca
than where the ovaries are likely to be indicated, and these masses were found
near to where you'd expect the ovaries or kidneys to be placed, directly
anterior to the puboiliac contact.


Jaime A. Headden

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