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Re: Theropod stance balance

Hi, everyone!
Two thoughts/questions I'd like to add:
1. How far could large Theropods bend their necks back- and upward? Wouldnt
it be possible that they made good use of their large heads to gain
additional momentum by "throwing" them back- upwards when getting up from a
resting position or even after a fall?
2. I think all modern animals that dont live in herds where adults watch
over younger members of the herd, have at least one way to perform a
"kickstart" when they need to. They can get up from their resting posture
very fast in order to have a chance to escape a threat. Modern Basilisks,
for example, appear to get up from their resting position in one fluid
movement. I never had the chance to watch that in a slow motion picture so
far, but from what I saw it looked pretty much like they're only using their
hindlegs to push them off the ground and continue running on those. Wouldnt
such a "kickstart option" be a must, even for the larger Theropods, at least
those who didnt live in herds?
2 cents from a Dinomaniac ;-)
Greetings - DC out