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RE: Endothermic Crocs in Nature

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> Mickey Mortimer
> > Greg cites this in support of "neoflightlessness" in early birds.  This
> > "rule" makes a great deal of intuitive sense; but I have yet to see any
> hard
> > evidence (e.g., similar reversions of incipient or nascent ecomorphologies
> > in other lineages).  For example, I know of no "neoflightless" insects,
> nor
> > "neoamphibious" proto-cetaceans.
> No neoflightless insects?  Every flightless pterygote is neoflightless.
> Including some in basal clades like Dermaptera, Grylloblattidae and
> Dictyoptera.  Of course, plenty of derived insects are neoflightless as well
> (fleas, lice, etc.).

And given that the skeleton of _Moeritherium_ is far more like the legged 
sea-cows than most reconstructions suggest, you can make
the argument that Proboscidea is "neoterrestrial" (from an amphibious rather 
than aquatic ancestor).

Of course, none of this actually represents evidence of secondarily flightless 
non-avialan maniraptorans.

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