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Re: FW a notice for a dummy :-))

In a message dated 4/15/2005 9:24:01 PM Eastern  Standard Time,  
Danvarner@aol.com writes:
The newspaper story   states:

<< "I'm a scientist, first and foremost," said Nate  Murphy,  the Malta 
paleontologist who helped find Leonardo and  publicly unveiled him to great  
fanfare in 2002. "A specimen like Leonardo,  he's  our marquis specimen and  
deserves to be studied. I am getting  all  sorts of pressure from museums 
around  the 
country to let them  take him  and do the research. They've got deep pockets, 
but once you  give a  specimen to another institution, it's hard to get him 
back."   >>

< Who are these deep-pocketed museums  around the   country so willing to 
snatch Leonardo from his rightful  home? America  wants to  know! And so do I 
because I've never met a  museum with deep  pockets or even  shallow ones for 
that matter. Signed,  DV, a marquis  specimen in his own  right.>
Who actually owns Leonardo and the other finds in the Judith River Dinosaur  
Institute/Phillips County Museum?  Mr. Murphy is also listed as the new  
curator of the Makoshika Dinosaur Museum.