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Re: FW a notice for a dummy :-))

I wrote:
> Watching the blazing 
> summer
> sun come up while I was eating pancakes, ham, and coffee in a 
> 1940's
> brick diner in downtown Havre is one of my fond memories.

By "1940s", I was referring to the age of the building.  I'm not that
Most of these small towns have old brick and stone buildings that are so
durable that they will never fall down.  Most were built around the turn
of the last century.  On the Great Plains, timber was nonexistant, so
since they had to order building materials anyway, they ordered stone and
brick from Chicago and had it shipped via rail.  Roughly around the time
that these building were being built, Sternberg and Brown were shipping
dinosaurs eastward via the newly built railroad.

More dino-related small town trivia:
David Letterman owns a multi-million dollar ranch just outside of Choteau
(Choteau is not on the Hi-Line, however) .  A friend of mine who used to
know the former owner told me that the acreage contains dino-bearing
outcrops of the Campanian Two Medicine Formation.