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Theropod and (more interestingly) Campanian correlation, in new Cretaceous Research

This just out in the latest issue of Cretaceous Research:

Haang Mook Kim, Alan D. Gishlick and Takanobu Tsuihiji. 2005. The first
non-avian maniraptoran skeletal remains from the Lower Cretaceous of Korea.
Cretaceous Research 26(2): 299-306.

According to the abstract, this describes a femur of a non-avian
Maniraptoran from the Hayan Group of the Korean Peninsula. They suggest a
relationship with dromaeosaurs, but do not definitively assign it to this

Eric M. Roberts, Alan L. Deino, and Marjorie A. Chan. 2005. 40Ar/39Ar age of
the Kaiparowits Formation, southern Utah, and correlation of contemporaneous
Campanian strata and vertebrate faunas along the margin of the Western
Interior Basin. Cretaceous Research 26(2): 307-318.

Roberts et al. publish a radiometric age for the Kaiparowits Formation,
placing it in the late Campanian. Interesting. . .

In other articles, our own Ken Carpenter has a book review of Hilton's
Dinosaurs and Other Mesozoic Reptiles of California, and there are also some
papers on K/T boundary sections at various locales. . .