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Re: What group has the most work that needs to be done?

Depends on the type of work. As far as phylogenetic analysis goes,
ornithischians (except for ceratopsians and hadrosaurids) and
sauropodomorphs (except for titanosaurs) have been relatively
neglected, it seems to me. Not that nobody's done work (far from it),
but they aren't paid the same kind of attention as theropods
(particularly non-ornithothoracean coelurosaurs).

But phylogenetic analysis is only the most obvious area of study for
this question, since it's the area of study that actually tells us
what the groups (taxa) are. For other areas, e.g. biomechanics, it
seems to me easier to say what *is* receiving attention
(_Tyrannosaurus_, large sauropods, etc.) than what *isn't*. And for
others, e.g. paleoecology, it's not so much taxa that are or are not
receiving attention as formations, units, groups, etc.

On 4/20/05, Robert J. Schenck <nygdan@yahoo.com> wrote:
> What group of dinosaurs has the most work that
> needs to be done on them, and how much of that
> need is based on lack of workers versus lack of
> specimins?
> For example, theropods receive a lot of
> attention, and there's been a lot of recent
> discoveries that seem to be shaking things up
> (just in the last year or so, let alone the crazy
> chinese feathered specimins from around the
> millenium).
> But what other groups can use a lot of work and
> show a lot of promise in your opinions?
> Hadrosaurs?  Prosauropods?  Armoured Dinosaurs in general?
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