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Re: What group has the most work that needs to be done?

 Cerapod? But anyway, who uses Cerapoda anymore?
You mean Neornithischia, right?

Cerapoda is a much better name. :-)

 My comment about *Hypsilophodon* is oversimplified for a reason. We have
detailed osteological information that shows its gradient relative to
thyreophorans and ornithopodans.

OK. But we have similar amounts of information that shows that _lots_ of known species fit into this space.

and what about tenontosaurs?


The problem is getting out of a phylogenetic tree
extensive enough to comprise them all in sufficient resolution with enough
character sampling than some of the recent "hand claded"-sized trees
we've been getting from Godefroit, etc. [...] this part of the ornithischian tree
is still "choppy" and "pick and choose."

That's what I mean.

 So while we know what *Hypsilophodon foxii* is, we do not know precisely
_where_ it is, phylogenetically speaking.

And this means we don't know all that well what it is. We don't know its autapomorphies -- its evolutionary history.