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Ceratopsids "pdf" papers needed

Dear ListMembers, please could someone tell me if a "pdf" version of that
paper are available to download on the Web and when I can found it, or
please could someone send me a "pdf" version of that papers:

_Dodson P. and Currie P.J. 1988 The smallest ceratopsid skull - Judith River
Formation of Alberta. Canadian Journal of Earth Sciences v.25 pp:926-930

_Rogers R.R. 1991 Taphonomy of three dinosaur bone beds in the Upper
Cretaceous Two Medicine Formation of Northwestern Montana: evidence for
drought-related mortality. Palaios v.5 pp:394-413.

_Brinkman D.B. Ryan M.J. and Eberth D.A. 1998 The palaeogeograpghic and
stratigraphic distribution of ceratopsids (Ornithischia) in the Upper Judith
River Group of Western Canada. Palaios v.13 pp:160-169.

Please reply off-list

Alessandro Marisa
Via A. grandi n.18
email: amaris@tin.it