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Re: Fw: Ceratopsian mass estimates

> Date: Thu, 21 Apr 2005 18:14:42 -0600
> From: Cliff Green <dinonaut@emerytelcom.net>
> What does the Guiness book of world records say is the largest
> modern elephant on record? I have heard that there were jumbo sized
> ones ( pun intended ) that were in and about ten tons.  If I have
> been misinformed, please enlighten me further.

The 2002 edition of the Guinness Book of Records says (p. 92):

        The heaviest recorded specimen was a bull shot in
        Mucusso, Angola, on 7 Nov 1974, that had a projected
        standing height of 3.96m (13 ft) and weighed a
        staggering 12.24 tonnes (26,900 lb).

There are some useful references on the web-page
In particular, it cites
        Gerald L. Wood.  1978.  Animal Facts and Feats.  Sterling
        Publishing Co., New York.
as saying of the elephant in the NMNH atrium that measurements
indicate a mass of 10886kg.

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