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RE: Liaoning Forest Diorama

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> << Who are the  artists and paleontologists working on
> it? >>
> Sean Murtha is one of the artists working on the landscape backrounds. Sean
> has  done dinosaurs before and he's been painting up a storm at the American
> Museum  of Natural History. You can read about him  here:
> http://www.amnh.org/exhibitions/permanent/ocean/00_utilities/04b_murtha.php

Obviously the AMNH paleontological staff and their standard co-authors (such as 
Xu Xing) worked on it. Additionally, they did bring
in some outside help. For instance, DNMH's Kirk Johnson did a lot of work on 
making sure the plants are correct: they are actually
based on individual species, and even specimens, collected at Liaoning.

I'm really looking forward to this exhibit!

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