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Re: What group has the most work that needs to be done? (JOKE)

Due to the overwhelming number of emails from offended
persons in the exotic dancing profession I must
publicly apologize for the insensitive and crass
remarks below. I had no idea so many members of the
list were practicing or former exotic dancers, and
regret any pain I have caused.

Also, to the many paleontology enthusiasts who have
sent me money in apparent appreciation of my humor,
thanks! As I am now set for life, please send any
further donations to the NRA or the current governor
of CA, both of whom need the money more than I do.
Unless you really owe me the money, in which case you
better cough it up.

Seasons Greetings, Don

PS-- Jon, it seem counter-intuitive, but your ex-wife
is NOT a "group", no matter how much work she needs.
So let it go.

--- don ohmes <d_ohmes@yahoo.com> wrote:
> Over-the-hill strippers. Especially if you count
> undoing the previous work...
> --- "T. Michael Keesey" <keesey@gmail.com> wrote:
> > On 4/21/05, Ken.Carpenter@dmns.org
> > <Ken.Carpenter@dmns.org> wrote:
> > > Hmm. OK, missed those, but not on cladograms in
> > pachy or ceratopsian
> > > chapters. I still stand by my statement. The
> group
> > is too weakly
> > > supported.
> > 
> > Which alternate grouping do you find more strongly
> > supported?
> > (IIRC, doesn't The Dinosaur Heresies show pachys
> > allied with thyreophorans?)
> > 
> > --Mike Keesey
> >