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Re: Tyrannotitan, new carcharodontosaurid from Argentina

> chubutensis 
> gen. et sp. nov., from Aptian strata of Patagonia, 
> Argentina. 

 IIRC teeth similar to those of Acrocanthosaurus were
found in an Ethiopian unit of about the same age but
this carcharodontosaurid seems more related to

> We suggest that
> carcharodontosaurids 
> radiated in Gondwana sharing with spinosaurids the
> role of 
> top-predators 

 Questionable. GSP wrote that Spinosaurus, despite its
large size, would have been vulnerable to attack by
the large allosaurids that shared its African

>until their extinction in Cenomanian?
> Turonian times.

  Lamanna mentioned a Campanian carcharodontosaurid
and suggested that the Maastrichtian Abelisaurus might
be one.

 >During this interval, the
> diplodocoid 
> sauropods and giant titanosaurians went extinct
> (probably 
> as part of a global-scale crisis),

  What? Transgression?

>with a
> ventral 
> process or chin, as in Giganotosaurus ....

 But not Acrocanthosauru AFAIK.

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