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ultrastructure of pachycephalosaurid ossified tendon

This paper would probably have gone by undetected by most researchers: what an 
obscure dinosaur journal!

Mark Goodwin, Ivan Lonardelli, Luca Lutterotti and Hans-Rudolf Wenk

Texture analysis from synchrotron diffraction images with the Rietveld method: 
dinosaur tendon and salmon scale 

Journal of Synchrotron Radiation
Volume 12 Issue 3 Page 354  - May 2005


A Rietveld method is described which extracts information on crystal structure, 
texture and microstructure directly from two-dimensional synchrotron 
diffraction images. This is advantageous over conventional texture analysis 
that relies on individual diffraction peaks, particularly for low-symmetry 
materials with many overlapping peaks and images with a poor peak-to-background 
ratio. The method is applied to two mineralized biological samples with 
hydroxylapatite fabrics: an ossified pachycephalosaurid dinosaur tendon and an 
Atlantic salmon scale. Both are measured using monochromatic synchrotron 
X-rays. The dinosaur tendon has very strongly oriented crystals with c-axes 
parallel to the tendon direction. The salmon scale displays a weak texture.

Kind regards

Markus Moser

Dr. Markus Moser
Staatliches Museum fuer Naturkunde Stuttgart
Museum am Loewentor (= Rosenstein 1)
D-70191 Stuttgart

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