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Re: Great blue heron - Pterosaurs

don ohmes wrote:

> So when the crested ptero's flew, what was the
> probable angle of the crest relative to the ground?
> 45??

Depends upon the species.

> Any consensus or front running theories on crest function?

In my personal opinion, their primary function was likely to have been
sexual or species recognition, and the maximum crest size would have
been limited by aerodynamic constraints.  I would predict that no truly
long-necked pterosaur will be found to have a large crest, unless that
crest is collapsible, and that maximum crest size is likely to be
inversely related to neck length.   It is also possible that some
species (or genders) may have been able to use large crests to exploit
the energy available at the boundary of a fluid interface (sailglide
skimming, for example).

As an aside, the long-necked azhdarchids that I work on had very limited
neck mobility and could not achieve anything approaching heron neck