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Stegosaurus preparation photos

Photos of the initial stages of preparation of the
stegosaurus we found and excavated last summer are now
up on my website. 

To view the prep photos, go to:

The stegosaurus, named Sarah, is currently being
prepared at the Sauriermuseum (www.sauriermuseum.ch)
in Aathal, Switzerland. This is a museum operated by
Swiss paleontologist, Kirby Siber. I visited the
museum a few weeks ago and it is very, very
impressive. This museum has an incredible display of
Jurassic-age dinosaurs from the Morrison formation of
The most interesting section of the stegosaurus
currently being prepared is the block containing the
disarticulated skull. This should be a great specimen
when preparation and mounting are finished. 


Bob Simon
Dinosaur Safaris Inc.

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