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Re: Stegosaurus preparation photos

so what if he is, Dan? did you even go to his site? I doubt it...if you did, you would see that it is a website promoting the museum. None of the items on the site are for sale, so what's your issue?

are you complaining about this being a post relating to where you can buy dinosaur fossils? because you can't buy any fossils or dinosaurs from that museum. Are you complaining about Bob's use of the word paleontologist?

Has Bob Simon said ANYTHING about selling this specimen? I don't think he has...he has simply let interested people on this list (and others) know about the preparation progress of this incredible animal. Is it the fact that it was find by a private quarry owner that has you irritated, or that it is now in Switzerland (and not in the USA) being prepped? What's your issue, Dan?

Who cares about what Kirby Sieber may or may not sell. The point behind this email is scientific, not commercial. If Bob wanted to point out the wonderful array of very common, easily obtainable fossils (and minerals, for that matter) that Kirby Sieber sells, he would have made a link to his commercial website, not the museum website.

I think it is simply the same old thing with you.....commercial dealers. We all know your views on commercial dealers, and it's really sad that you would dismiss all the good that Kirby Sieber's museum is doing on the basis of your hatred of commercial dealers.


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<< The stegosaurus, named Sarah, is currently being
prepared at the Sauriermuseum (www.sauriermuseum.ch)
in Aathal, Switzerland. This is a museum operated by
Swiss paleontologist, Kirby Siber. >>
It was my understanding that Siber was a commercial fossil dealer and proud
of it. DV