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Re: Stegosaurus preparation photos

In a message dated 4/25/2005 7:07:42 PM Eastern  Standard Time,  
dmschmidt@sprint.ca writes referrng to Dr. Horner  :

<<  But, obviously, he 
is not a  paleontologist...according to your definition.   >>
Mr. Schmidt, You're expending much energy  and  fantasy (not to mention 
steam) putting words in my mouth. Don't  presume to know  what my definition 
anything is as we apparently  exist in different universes.  Of course, Dr. 
Horner is one of our  leading paleontologists. He has fostered a  great many 
students and  made many discoveries. His museum even helped in the  
collection and  
preparation of "Big Al", the allosaur confiscated from Mr. Siber.  DV