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Re: Stegosaurus preparation photos

I remember having this ethics conversation before, on this list but with another person.

The end result was, in that particular instance, even though as a dealer I adhered to all of the policy and position statements of the SVP under their By-Law on Ethics page, I was still "wrong" for selling fossil materials to a museum..

The last statement of these ethics is also very ambiguous. What does "scientifically significant vertebrate fossils" mean? I am sure to everyone out there it means something completely different. So, how can you have a set of rules/ethics with a statement like that? Will someone selling a knightia be kicked out of the SVP??? How about a partial carcharadontosaurus tooth???

Can you tell me that Kirby Sieber sells scientifically important fossils? And if he does, he is allowed to sell them to museums, right? According to the ethics statement he can.....

Can you tell me what you consider to be scientifically significant vertebrate fossils Dan???


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<< so I ask the question again.....what constitutes, in your OPINION, being
real paleontologist. obviously, it's not the degree, so what is it? >>

In this day and age, ethics. See SVP. DV