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Re: I couldn't pronounce "paleontologist", and now I are one


I've been reading this list because I find it a fine source of
information, well informed professionals writing topics telling what is
happening in the world of paleontology. When I was young, I used to read
the works of Björn Kurtén, Finnish paleontologist, and wished I could be
one, one day. Well, I didn't, but I'm still fascinated about sciences.

I wouldn't recognise a fossil even if it said hello to me. I think that
a person who does find real fossils in real life obviously must have
some formal education to do that. Perhaps not graded, they could be
called paleontoenthusiastics, if not -logists, when they follow
scientifc rules in their finds.

Unfortunately there is a lot of quackery, too, as in:

Harri Hirvelä