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Re: I couldn't pronounce "paleontologist", and now I are one

<<I think that a person who does find real fossils in real life obviously
must have some formal education to do that. Perhaps not graded, they could
be called paleontoenthusiastics, if not -logists, when they follow scientifc
rules in their finds.>>

People can do excellent work while having no formal education, Harri.  I'm
thinking specifically of a man called Zhang He.  The story is so improbable,
that it's wonderful.  Among his skills were the ability to play a trumpet
and an interest in bonsai trees.  If you're serious about bonsai trees then
stones will be required, and he happened to live in Liaoning.

Among the side effects have been Confusciusornis and a mammal called
Zhangheotherium.  While collecting stones he encountered fossils.  They kind
of bit him, and the wounds turned seriously infectious.  Formal education
isn't a requirement, but he reportedly put much effort into educating

Zhang He and his Fossils, Shenzhen Daily, 30.3.2001
<<LIKE a loving father, Zhang He caresses one of the items from his
collection of fossils and speaks softly:  "This bird was flying when a
volcano beneath it suddenly erupted. Flame and lava spouted...>>

(This press report may not be totally reliable, but it's a nice few minutes
of reading.)
Trevor (amateur paleo-bookkeeper)

Mesozoic Eucynodonts
The Mesozoic - more than just the dinosaur.