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Re: Stegosaurus preparation photos take two...

While all this is going on, I recall a reference to EMTs. Having been one for 15 years and having responded to over 400 emergency calls qualifies me to say that no...I am not a doctor, but I have saved a few lives. I don't consider myself a paleontologist though I have dug a few bones, written a paleontological thesis, belonged to the Paleontological society for 25 years this month, and regularly teach local children paleontological material. As an EMT, I am on the same team as a doctor but we don't seem to try to make the distinction when we are working side by side doing CPR on a patient. I am not quite sure why there is an emotional need to make a distinction between a "paleontologist" and a 6 year old who just found their first fossil. You both are on the same team. One just has more ego than the other.
Frank Bliss
MS Biostratigraphy
Weston, Wyoming