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Re: Ichthyosaur breathing

Jaime Headden wrote:

  *Hupehsuchus* and *Utatsusaurus* are considered the most basal
ichthyopterygians, and in fact Motani places the former at the root, with
*Utatsusaurus* more crownward.

So, under Motani's phylogenetic definition, _Utatsusaurus_ is an ichthyopterygian, but _Hupehsuchus_ is not. Nevertheless, _Hupehsuchus_ is recovered as the sister taxon to Ichthyopterygia.

I've seen the term Ichthyosauromorpha proposed for the ichthyosaur stem clade, but I'm not aware that this has ever received a formal definition. In any case, _Hupehsuchus_ would be a non-ichthyopterygian ichthyosauromorph.

Thanks for the info.