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Rebbachisaurus Teeth

  I had the recent opportunity to just loaf around and managed to glance
through a library's copy of Dorling Kindersly's Handbook of Fossils, flexiback


  The entry on *Rebbachisaurus* is the most curious, because it shows a photo
of a jaw fragment in lingual view and one isolated crown which is identical to
an _in situ_ crown. The crown has denticles on one carina, is roughly rhomboid
in cross-section and not cylindrical, expanded above the root, and bears a
central lingual keel on the crown. The denticles are large and restricted to
the apical half of the crown, and angle about 45 dgerees from the carinal
margin. The jaw is alluded to *Rebbachisaurus tamesnensis*. This would appear
to be distinct from the marophology I see in *Jobaria* described by Sereno et
al. in 1994, where the denticles are much finer and progress over more the
crown towards the base and are present on both carinae. In case comparisons to
*Nigersaurus* are suggesed, those of the rebbachisaurid *Nigersaurus* appear to
be roughly cylindrical with light carinae and enamel on both sides; the crown I
describe here has enamel on both sides, as exposed in a broken crown in the jaw
fragment. Mesial or distal direction are not apparent, as the jaw fragment
represents only 5 tooth positions and relative depth of the jaw increses in
some sauropods at both ends.

  Can anyone help me on identifying this jaw? The photo appears on pg. 248 of
the book mentioned.


Jaime A. Headden

  Little steps are often the hardest to take.  We are too used to making leaps 
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