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Re: Stegosaurus preparation photos take two...

In a message dated 4/26/2005 6:23:50 PM Eastern  Standard Time, 
dino_safaris@yahoo.com writes:
<< I have not checked the  website to see if this in
context or not, but my wife e-mailed this to me  today.
Thought I would share it with the  group.
Interesting quote from the University of  California,
Berkeley Museum of Paleontology: >>
No argument here. Just read the bio of Bryan Patterson, in whose name an 
award  is made by SVP: http://www.vertpaleo.org/awards/Patterson_obituary.html
No  mention is made of actually selling fossils here, however, and there 
resides the  problem.
I think it interesting you quote the Museum of Paleontology at  Berkeley. Dr. 
Kevin Padian works there and may have had some input on the quote  you 
supply. He has some interesting opinions about the fossil trade. DV