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What's up with Araeoscelis?

I've seen 3 reconstructions. No insitu photos.

Williston says rostrum shorter than temporal region. Reisz, Berman and
Scott (RSB) says the opposite. Vaughn is in the middle.

Williston and Vaughn say no canine teeth. RSB say yes to canines.

Williston says jugal not exposed on orbit rim. Vaughn and RSB say yes.

Williston and RSB say the jugal is bifurcated. Vaughn says not

Williston says lacrimal does not reach naris. RSB and Vaughn say it

Vaughn says 2 pmx teeth. Williston says can't tell. RSB says more than

Williston says p/f and f/n sutures are straight. Vaughn says V-shaped.
Haven't seen the dorsal view by RSB.

That's not all, but it's enough.

Is there more than one specimen attributed to Araeoscelis?

Can anyone help clear the confusion?

David Peters
St. Louis

PS. RSB is in the early volumes of JVP 4(1): 57-67. If anyone has that
paper, I'd appreciate a copy and will reward handsomely.