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RE: Stegosaurus preparation photos take two...

I think we are losing track of the original argument, which was that you
cannot be a palaeontologist if you have any commercial dealings.  

Unfortunately the SVP sticking its head in the sand will not make the
commercial aspects of fossils go away, and a sensible approach is needed to
avoid important finds being lost to science, which can only be done by
co-operation with commercial collectors.

I am not by any measure a palaeontologist, just someone with a thirst for
knowledge concerning dinosaurs and this list is a cool way to find out about
the latest finds and keep up to date with the latest arguments.

I did study geology at degree level but gave up to major on chemistry.  I
did find an ammonite the size of a tractor tyre on a field trip that is
probably still the pride of the geology dept. but that does not make me a

Ps. Has anyone been back to the "Sue" site to find the other specimens that
were said to be there?