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RE: Convergence and Macelognathus, a Perspective & T-Rexapolosa

Jaime Headden wrote:

Göhlich, U. B., L. M. Chiappe, J. M. Clark, and H.-D. Sues. 2005. The systematic position of the Late Jurassic alleged dinosaur *Macelognathus* (Crocodylomorpha: Sphenosuchia). _Canadian Journal of Earth Sciences_ 402:307-321.
[snip, snip, snip]
 I am of the suspiction that Göhlich et al. have
described postcranial remains they may indicate that *Macelognathus* and
*Hallopus* are the same taxon,

Out of curiosity, just how strong is the case that _Hallopus_ and _Macelognathus_ are one and the same?

In any case, we can now be certain that sprite, gracile crocodilomorphs persisted into the Late Jurassic. It was to be their last hurrah, it seems. By the opening of the Cretaceous, they were gone.

Also, even though these Late Jurassic sphenosuchians had an erect posture, would I be correct in saying that there is no evidence that they were bipedal?

Cliff Green wrote:

I know this was mentioned earlier, but how many list members are going
to be attending the 100 years of T-Rex Symposium in Hill City, SD this June?

Hmmm... I wonder if this year being the centenary of the name _Tyrannosaurus rex_ had something to do with the choice of the name _Tyrannotitan_ for this year's newest mega-theropod. It seems awfully coincidental.