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Re: Theropods scales at 1/35th

Dear Micheal and List,

    I have run into this exact problem in this modeling scale. The only
dinosaurs with scale patterns actually big enough to see in 1/35th scale,
are the saucer sized middle of a rosette pattern scales on some
ceratopsians. Most dinosaur scale patterns that I have seen, including
stegosaur, ankylosaurs, allosaur, many different duckbills, sauropods, and
alleged large tyrannosaurs, are all similar, that is small and round, and
probably could barely be seen with the naked eye at 1/35th scale.
    The solution that I have come up with in small scale, is to emphysize on
muscle tone and large joint wrinkles. I am now shying away from extensively
using scale stamps in 1/35th scale on anything smaller than a whale sized
    Oh, and shameless plug, I am finally breaking down and making a 1/35th
scale T-Rex for the symposium. I will be bringing a few and if anyone wants
one they will be 40 bucks for a kit and 100 for a painted one.And it won't
have any oversized scales.

Am, however, a shill for my company, Cliff
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Subject: Theropods scales at 1/35th

> I've been looking for a convincing way to portray theropod scales in
> scale and have run into a problem. The refs I have show theropod
> (Allosaurus/Tarbosaurus) scales as about 2.5 mm in size. In 1/35th scale
> this equates to .07 mm!
> I think the skin will have to appear naked except for larger scutes on
> etc. Maybe rhino type wrinkly skin? Any ideas?
> Regards,
> Michael Lovejoy
> Paleo Studio