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RE: Megaraptor question

Steven Coombs said:
I speculated that Megaraptor is claw was somewhat
similar to Suchomimus.  Thus leading it to beleive it
was a spinosaur! It would very awesome if it turns out
to be! ;-)

If I might just chip into this discussion, as _Megaraptor_ is Argentinean, is it possible that the material belongs to a previously estalbished South American Spinosaur, such as _Irritator challengeri_ or _Angaturama limai_?

And on a more personal note, I'd like to say "Hi" again to everybody out their. It's nice to be back on the DML after a year of only getting dino info from highly brevid (and speculative) CCN news blurbs. Once again I can ingage in intellectually stimulating conversations, a vast improvment from the immature scatological humor previlent in my working environment.

Ha-za for the Intellegensia!
Tommy Bradley

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