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Arthropleurids are indeed myriapods (was RE: insects - not! (OT))

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> David Marjanovic
> * Millipedes, centipedes, a few smaller groups, and probably
> arthropleurids -- the things that reached a length of ~ 2 m in the
> Carboniferous and are believed to have munched rotten wood or something,
> though I don't know why.
Arthropleurids were indeed myriapods; more specifically, diplopods (aka 
millipedes). In my classes I've given them the nickname

Heather Wilson (formerly a postdoc at the Dept. of Entomology here, now at 
Yale) has done a lot of revisions on the anatomy and
systematics of this group of myriapods.

Check out http://www.life.umd.edu/entm/shultzlab/vtab/arthropleuridea.htm

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