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Re: The San Jose Mammoth Dig

The San Jose mammoth dig is on the Guadalupe River near downtown San Jose. I am 
not sure of the exact location but the San Jose Mercury (newspaper) had several 
recent articles about it. My impression is that it  is somewhere between 
Montague Expressway and the HP Pavilion.

Hope that helps!

S. M. Moore
Santa Clara, CA

>>> Tyler Kerr <tylerkerr@comcast.net> 07/30/05 9:11 PM >>>
    Does anyone know any more details about the dig going on recently in San 
Jose with the mammoth. I'm actually headed over to San Jose in a couple days 
and I would like to check out the dig site (or at least come within... oh... 
500 feet). Is anyone on the list working on it or know of anyone who is? Thanks!


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