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Re: Could the Saltasaurus or Argentinosaurus lift their necks?

In a message dated 7/31/2005 1:53:59 PM Eastern  Standard Time, 
taradosgon@yahoo.com writes:
<< In virtually  illustrations of seen of these dinosaurs
they have their heads raised like  that of
_Camarasaurus_. However in "Dino Planet" the
_Saltasaurus_ held  its neck straight out in a more
dilplodocid like fashion, so did the  _Argentinosaurus_
in "Land of the Giants." Which depiction is accurate?   >>
I'm sure they could lift them at least a bit. If  I were you, I'd take a 
close look at Kent Steven's DinoMorph  website:
His papers  are gradually coming forth in print (  
369  )
Dissenting views have been lobbed-in here, and I'm sure  there is more to 
come. As for me, I've trashed a couple of nice canvases.  DV