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Grant for Antonio

I understand that the money, gathered from individual members of the DML, sent to me, sent to the National Foundation to the Geosciences and then Bank transfered to the Italian Paleontologist, Fabio Marco Dall Vecchia has arrived in Italy. Thank you so much to all you that contributed to this fund to study the basal Hadrosaur "Antonio".

I would also like to thank Wally Ulrich, President of the National Foundation of the Geosciences (NFG), (Non-profit out of Jackson Wyoming) for facilitating the bank transfer and making it possible for me to not get hit with US taxes for gathering the money for this fund. I would highly recommend NFG to anybody needing the services of a non-profit foundation in their geologic work. The officers of that foundation cannot come more highly recommended. They are each highly recognized geologists in their respective fields and have taken the time to set up the foundation just to facilitate this kind of thing. See www.geofound.com for the details

Would the gentleman from England who donated 100 British Pounds please contact me off list at frank@blissnet.com to give me his name and address. I need it to make sure you get a pdf of the paper down the line. Somehow, I have misplaced your name and address and I also would like your email. I believe I have everyone else's.

At any rate, it only took three months from the start of the fund drive to get funds to Italy. There must be a better way.


Frank Bliss
MS Biostratigraphy
Weston, Wyoming

P.S. Update on the Bliss Ranch dinosaur sites. Hell Creek couldn't be better this year. A few more microsites have been discovered by the old walk around and look way lately but hundreds of Cretaceous fossil mammal teeth, thousands (literally) of other Cretaceous faunas teeth and bones have come out since I have been sieving harvester ant hills. I find less obvious microsites more easily now that the ants are doing the prospecting. As a result, the statistical "N" has grown in size as a result. I will update my website as soon as a few proxy server technical issues are resolved with my satellite earthstation internet provider.