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The irretrievable dragon in the Red Mountain

Collecting data for my thesis, I've found that everyone says 
*Hongshanosaurus* was described in

You Hailu, Xu Xing & Wang Xiaolin: A new genus of Psittacosauridae 
(Dinosauria: Ornithopoda) and the origin and early evolution of 
marginocephalian dinosaurs, Acta Geologica Sinica 77(1), 15 -- 20 (?March 

The library of the MNHN carries Acta Geologica Sinica, and there is no 
such paper in the entire volume. In fact there are only purely geological 
papers in it.

(The Dinosauricon says Acta _Palaeontologica_ Sinica instead, with the 
same volume and page numbers, but that journal has only reached volume 44 
this year.)

I guess that, like the various Chinese Science Bulletins, Acta Geol. Sin. 
has a separate English version (...even though the Chinese version has 
English abstracts and an English table of contents...) which seems to be 
unavailable. Even online I can only find the Chinese version (with the 
correct table of contents, means, no *Hongshanosaurus*).

Is there a pdf somewhere? I would greatly appreciate it...

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