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questions re: Horner, Varricchio & Goodwin (1992)

I just finished pacing my way through:
Horner, Varricchio, and Goodwin.  1992.  Marine transgressions and the
evolution of Cretaceous dinosaurs.  Nature 358: 59-61.
And a few questions come to mind...
- Firstly, does anyone know if these guys still hold to the anagenetic
evolution argument they present in this paper?  If I'm not mistaken,
that Two Medicine daspletosaur they mention is being pulled off trees
lately, right?  (i.e. they've found autapomorphies.)  The issue of
anagensis has been of interest to me lately since it seems to apply to
some work I'm involved with currently on mosasaurs.
- That "Taxon A*" pachyrhinosaur hasn't been named yet, has it? 
Because if it has, I totally missed the boat on that one.  Or what
about the lambeosaurine and pachycephalosaur mentioned in the paper? 
It'd be nice to make some connections.  Most of my references are at
home, which I don't have access to right now.

Jordan Mallon

BScH, Carleton University
Vertebrate Palaeontology & Palaeoecology

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