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Re: the headless juvenile Pterodaustro

> As long as you don't make the 100 % resolution pic available, it doesn't
> matter what I say, because you have a killer argument: "it may not be
> visible in this pic, but it's obvious in the one I used".

 Look again.


Do you mean this http://www.pterosaurinfo.com/pterodaustro_juv_insitu_cu.html? It does not have higher resolution, it's a mere null magnification of the photo you showed us yesterday. It has millimeter-sized pixels (and looks slightly descreened, which makes matters worse, not better).

I hereby claim that the "5th finger" is a break -- a flake of bone has broken off, the break edge is well lit, and its highest peaks are what you interpret as phalanges. Whatever. If I won't forget, I'll make you at least two different tracings of that photo on Monday (in the lab), and in the evening I'll upload them on my website. I bet that nobody, myself included, will be able to falsify ANY of your or my tracings based on that coarse-grained photo.

What is the point of the enlarged inset? It has pixels perhaps 3 mm across. That's useless. Incomprehensibly, you made it still worse by _descreening it_. :-o It's so foggy I can't see _anything_ in it, except the remains of the original pixels!!!

And... BTW... have you ever asked yourself what advantage a pterosaur would have by not losing the wing finger claw and the 5th finger? I can't imagine a function for them.