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Re: King Kong living large on DVD

In a message dated 8/7/2005 8:11:32 PM Eastern  Standard Time, 
ddkrentz@charter.net writes:
<< I hope the clarity of  dvd doesn't ruin the glowing blacks of those  
amazing skull island  jungles.  Still one of the most atmospheric  
movies ever.   One of the reasons I love Doug Henderson's drawings so  
much is because  he channeled that movie in his artwork. >>
That's  the first thing I thought when I first saw Doug's art twenty years 
ago. There's  that certain horizontal log in so many of his pieces along with 
his lush and  claustrophobic woodlands. I hope it's true, but it just blew me 
away when I read  that Jackson has some of the glass paintings from Kong. I 
understood that Mario  Larrinaga's paintings were lost long ago. If any of 
still exist it's a  miracle.
At any rate we have two wonders to look forward  to. The original Kong around 
Thanksgiving and, next month, Doug's new book,  _Creation of Earth_. Oh, 
yeah, make that three, the new King  Kong,...
BTW, someone should bring this to life on the  screen, too: