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Re: News

Rivera-Sylva, H. E. Theropod Dinosaurs from Mexico

Remes, K. & Rauhut, O. W. M. The Oldest Indian Dinosaur Alwalkeria
maleriensis Chatterjee Revised: A Chimera Including Remains of a Basal

Leal, L. A. et al. Tiny Archosauromorphs from the Late Triassic of
Southern Brazil

Just a few more of interest, and there seems to be some nice things in
Spanish too. =]

Nick Gardner

On 8/4/05, Hebert Bruno Campos <hebertbruno@pop.com.br> wrote:
> Hi all,
> News in the II Latin American Congress of Vertebrate Paleontology:
> Bittencourt, J. S. & Kellner, A. W. A. – The Diagnosis of Staurikosaurus 
> pricei
> Colbert, 1970 (Dinosauria, Theropoda).
> Jones, T. D. et al. – Analysis of Alleged of Dinosaur Feathers.
> Langer, M. C. & Ferigolo, J. – The First Ornithischian Body-Fossils in 
> Brazil: Late
> Triassic (Caturrita Formation) of Rio Grande do Sul.
> Marsicano, C. A. et al. – Dinosaur Origins: Evidence from the Footprint 
> Record.
> See in: http://acd.ufrj.br/mndgp/2clpv/program.pdf