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Re: News

Just a few more of interest, and there seems to be some nice things in
Spanish too. =]


Chávez, M. F. – Las Aves Fósiles de Chile y Península Antártica
Arcucci, A. B. – Una Reevaluación de los Dinosauriomorfos Basales y el Origen de Dinosauria
Calvo, J. O. et al. – Un Gigantesco Euiguanodontia (Dinosauria: Ornithischia) con Delgadas Placas en la Región Torácica, Cretácico Tardío, Patagonia
[What kind of plates in the thoracic region?]
Goin, F. J. et al. – El Mamífero Cenozoico Más Antiguo Registrado en América del Sur (Paleoceno Temprano, Chubut, Argentina)
Palestra / Conference: Los Mares del Gondwana Occidental y sus Monstruos Marinos – Zulma Gasparini
Rubilar-Rogers, D. & Vargas, A. O. – Relaciones Filogenéticas e Implicaciones Biogeográficas de un Saltasauridae del Desierto de Atacama
[Ah. Yet another titanosaur. They multiply like oviraptorids these days.]

And in Portuguese as well...

Alvarenga, H. & Nava, W. R. – Aves Enantiornithes do Cretáceo Superior da Formação Adamantina
do Estado de São Paulo, Brasil

And still more in English... more, more, more:

Fechner, R. – Hindlimb Osteology and Myology of the Dinosauromorph *Lagerpeton chanarensis*
Nesbitt, S. J. et al. – Character Support for Dinosauria: New Insights from Crocodile-Line Archosaurs and Late Triassic North American “Theropods”
Ezcurra, M. D. & Novas, F. E. – Phylogenetic Relationships of the Triassic Theropod *Zupaysaurus rougieri* from NW Argentina
Yates, A. M. – Solving a Dinosaurian Puzzle: the Identity of *Aliwalia rex* Revealed
[so *Alwalkeria* and *Aliwalia* get explained... yee-haw!!!]
Pol, D. & Powell, J. E. – Anatomy and Phylogenetic Relationships of *Mussaurus patagonicus* (Dinosauria, Sauropodomorpha) from the Late Triassic of Patagonia
[I take it that's about the adults???]
Fiorelli, L. E. & Calvo, J. O. – The First Protosuchian (Archosauria: Crocodyliformes) from the Cretaceous of Gondwana
[The Revenge Of The *Zosuchus*, part II: *Zosuchus* Takes Over The World?]
Soares, M. B. et al. – New Material of *Riograndia guaibensis* (Eucynodontia, Tritheledontidae) from the Caturrita Formation, Upper Triassic of Southern Brazil: Anatomical Study and Phylogenetic Implications [on the origin of mammals]
Calvo, J. O. et al. – New Data of the Giant Sauropod from Lago Barreales, Neuquén
[I don't know. "Giant Sauropod" kind of sounds like 8 megabucks being described as "a very huge sum of money".]
Santucci, R. M. & Bertini, R. J. – On the Phylogenetic Relationships of *Eucamerotus foxi* (Sauropoda, Saurischia), from Wessex Formation, Lower Cretaceous, England (UK)
Ikejiri, T. – Sexual Dimorphic Variation in *Camarasaurus* (Dinosauria, Sauropoda) from the Jurassic Morrison Formation of the Rocky Mountain Region in North America
Lovelace, D. M. et al. – *Supersaurus vivianae*: History, Morphology, and Phylogeny

Apesteguía, S.: Post-Jurassic Sphenodontids: Identity of the Last Lineages
Avilla, L. S. et al.: An Unusual Sauropod Dentary from the Adamantina Formation (Turonian-Santonian) of São Paulo, Brazil, with Some Comments on Its Relationships and Paleobiogeography
Bonfim-Júnior, F. C.: Emended Diagnosis of *Tijubina pontei* Bonfim-Júnior & Marques, 1997: A Basal Lepidosaur from The Santana Formation (Aptian), of North-East Brazil
["Basal lepidosaur"? Sounds interesting... or is it just too scrappy to decide whether it's a squamate or a rhynchocephalian? Not what I'd expect from the Santana Fm!]
Gandossi, P. & Calvo, J. O. A New Locality with Titanosauridae Sauropod from Neuquén, Patagonia
Garcia, K. L. et al. A New Short-Snouted Crocodylomorph from Adamantina Formation, Upper Cretaceous of Brazil
[*Simosuchus* and *Anatosuchus* taking over the world?]
Garza, S. J. A. et al. Presencia de Dinosaurios en Rocas del Cretácico Superior en la Cuenca de Sabinas Coahuila, México
Gobbo-Rodrigues, S. R. et al. New Information on Theropod Eggs from the Late Cretaceous Bauru Group, Brazil
Gómez, R. O. & Báez, A. M. An Anilioid Snake from the Upper Cretaceous of Patagonia, Argentina
González-Rodríguez, K. A. et al. A Late Cretaceous Locality from the State of Hidalgo, Central México
Machado, E. B. et al. Preliminary Information on a Dinosaur (Theropoda, Spinosauridae) Pelvis from the Cretaceous Santana Formation (Romualdo Member) Brazil
[First skull material, then a pelvis... in 5 of 6 years we'll certainly have a whole skeleton! :-) ]
Pailos, H. N. et al. Resucitando a *Tapejara imperator* (Reptilia, Pterosauria) en el Laboratorio de Animatrónica y Control Dinámico de la Universidad Nacional de Córdoba, Argentina
Perini, M. El Turismo Paleontológico en Neuquén como Producto Turístico Educativo
Perini, M. & Calvo, J. O. Turismo Paleontologico: Una Alternativa de Ingresos a la Paleontología de Vertebrados
[More power to the above two!]
Pinheiro, A. E. P. et al. A New Specimen of *Stratiotosuchus* sp (Baurusuchidae, Mesoeucrocodylia, Baurusuchidae) from the Adamantina Formation (Bauru Basin), Upper Cretaceous, Central São Paulo State (Southeastern Brazil)
[More research into terrestrial crocodiles. Always good.]
Porfiri, J. D. et al Estudios Preliminares sobre la Biomecánica de la Mano de *Megaraptor namunhuaiquii* (Theropoda; Tetanurae)
Ribeiro, C. M. M. & Nava, W. R. New Discovery of Crocodilomorph Eggs and Eggshells from the Adamantina Formation (Bauru Basin, Upper Cretaceous), Marília Region, São Paulo State, Brazil
[So there's more than just *Krokolithus* from Messel!]
Toledo, C. E. V. et al. First Occurrence of *Protopterus humei* (Dipnoiformes) in South America
[*Protopterus* is the African lungfish. Or so I thought.]
Trotta, M. N. F. Notes on Some Titanosaurid Caudal Vertebrae (Dinosauria: Sauropoda) from the Bauru Group (Upper Cretaceous) of Minas Gerais, Brazil
[Perhaps with bite marks from baurusuchids???]
Vallati, P. et al. Jurassic and Cretaceous Microfossil Assemblages from Patagonia (Argentina), with Interest for the South American Vertebrate Fossil Record