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Re: News

David Marjanovic wrote-

Calvo, J. O. et al. – Un Gigantesco Euiguanodontia (Dinosauria: Ornithischia) con Delgadas Placas en la Región Torácica, Cretácico Tardío, Patagonia
[What kind of plates in the thoracic region?]

Uncinates like Talenkuen and Thescelosaurus perhaps?

Yates, A. M. – Solving a Dinosaurian Puzzle: the Identity of *Aliwalia rex* Revealed
[so *Alwalkeria* and *Aliwalia* get explained... yee-haw!!!]

Both chimaeras too.

Pol, D. & Powell, J. E. – Anatomy and Phylogenetic Relationships of *Mussaurus patagonicus* (Dinosauria, Sauropodomorpha) from the Late Triassic of Patagonia
[I take it that's about the adults???]

I'm pretty sure the adult specimens are not the same taxon as the juveniles.

Machado, E. B. et al. Preliminary Information on a Dinosaur (Theropoda, Spinosauridae) Pelvis from the Cretaceous Santana Formation (Romualdo Member) Brazil
[First skull material, then a pelvis... in 5 of 6 years we'll certainly have a whole skeleton! :-) ]

Perhaps the one reported by-
Kellner, 2001. New information on the theropod dinosaurs from the Santana Formation (Aptian-Albian), Araripe Basin, Northeastern Brazil. JVP 21(3) 67A.
MN 4802-V presumedly comes from Irritator and consists of a sacrum, caudal vertebrae, incomplete forelimbs, a pelvis and incomplete hindlimbs. There is a large first manual ungual, the ilium is 553 mm long and there is an ischial obturator notch.

And don't forget-
Bittencourt and Kellner, 2003. New theropod remains from the Romualdo Member, Santana Formation (Aptian-Albian), Northeastern Brazil. III Simpósio Brasileiro de Paleovertebrados, Resumos. Rio de
Janeiro, RJ.
Reported here- http://dml.cmnh.org/2003Mar/msg00180.html

Mickey Mortimer