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Re: Penguins And Rexes

I strongly doubt that Trex had any trouble getting up. Different from a 
lying penguin, Trex center of mass, even when lying down, should be rather 
close to the acetabulum and if it has its feet forward during lying down, 
they are probably more or less directly below the center of mass. So it is 
just a question of a big push upwards. 

To ease the stresses during this, we can imagine it bending its neck and 
tail to the side or upwards (question to anatomy experts: Are Trex tails 
upwards bendable like those of dromaeosaurs?) and may also shift weight 
around first to one foot then to the other.

It could also first keep the whole foot (from the usually far upwards 
positioned ankle joint on) on the ground and straighten the knee and hip 
and then raise up.

So all in all, a lot different from penguins, more like other birds (which 
all have no trouble there)



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