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Re: More on the Massospondylus embryos


There was a recently published paper on Massospondylus
embryos in Science. Perhaps there is an earlier
account of dinosaur young/eggs:

KITCHING J. W , 1979. - Preliminary report on a clutch
of six dinosaurian eggs from the Upper Triassic Elliot
Formation , Northern Orange Free State ,
Palaeontologica Africana vol.22 , p. 72 - 77 .

I've no idea what the content of this fairly old (and
neglected paper?) is: Would someone be able to
sumarise the content? If they are dinosaur eggs, then
are they sauropodomorph?

Tim some time ago brought to our attention:

Reisz, R.R., Scott, D., Sues, H.-D., Evans, D.C., and
Raath, M.A. (2005). Embryos of an early Jurassic
prosauropod dinosaur and their evolutionary
significance. Science 309: 761-764.

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